Sydney + Ryan - the longest day of the year

Sydney and Ryan picked June 21 as their wedding day - the date of the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. The celebration featured the best of what a wedding on the lakes of Muskoka has to offer - perfect blue skies, warm temperatures, an historic church and steamboats.

Life-long cottagers in the area, there was never a question that Sydney and Ryan would get married in Muskoka. Both have a huge love for the region, the lakes and summers spent on the dock. (Sydney used to ski in the local waterski show - she was that perfectly tiny skier who would end up at the top of the pyramid.)

The day started at Sydney's family cottage on Lake Joseph where the girls got ready for the day. The boys arrived before the ceremony, and Sydney and Ryan had a first look on the path leading to the boathouse. The boys headed to the Lake Joseph Community Church by road, while the girls took the long way to the ceremony aboard the Idyllwood.

After the ceremony, officiated by Reverend Sue Woods, the guests were shuttled across the road on coach buses to Lake Rosseau, where the Wenonah II awaited to take them to the Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club. On board the ship, guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers while famed Canadian tenor John McDermott and his band entertained on the back deck.

After an incredible dinner and some speeches that were equal parts hilarious and heart-melting, the band Lady Kane took to the stage as the impossibly late sunset turned the sky from orange to blue to black. 

A huge thanks to Andy Hansen of Pure Muskoka for being my fantastic second shooter for the day. Syd and Ryan are big fans of the super-popular Pure Muskoka Facebook page, and they were pretty stoked to learn that Andy would be coming to the wedding with me!

Wedding Planning - Love By Lynzie
Flowers - Tanya List
Church - Lake Joseph Community Church
Steamships - Idyllwood and Wenonah II
Musician - John McDermott
Venue - Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club
Band - Lady Kane