Love lift us up where we belong...

When Kira first called me about her wedding celebration last winter and mentioned that she and her guy, Rocco, were circus performers, I knew I had to photograph this special couple.

I've always been interested in gymnastics, aerials and acrobatics - anything that involves flipping through the air and fighting gravity really. While my own acrobatic skills are decidedly limited, I have huge respect for people who put the training in to find the strength and balance to leave the bonds of earth, if only for a few seconds.

Kira and Rocco definitely didn't disappoint. We had both their wedding day and another session to capture some one-of-a-kind images, and I loved witnessing their strength (these guys are ripped!) and teamwork. The fact that Rocco's best man, Micah, is also an acrobat only made the shoots more fun. Rocco and Micah performed during the wedding reception, along with another performer and the crowd was in awe.

Rocco and Kira are back travelling the world, putting on shows with their company, Lapaire Entertainment. Check them out here - if it works with their show schedule, they're available for private functions.